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Unedited Walk Thru by Pamela Hirschhorn of Northeastwheelsevents.com

2300 N Cameron St, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17110

The 1st Harrisburg Swapmeet & Bike Show took place in 1987 and has grown into one of the Largest Indoor Swapmeets in the country.

This event features New Motorcycles From Susquehanna Harley Davidson. Many Independent dealers bring goods and offer advice and services on your bike.

100's of regular hobbyist making room for their new project by getting rid of there old treasures.

Clowns & Face painters for the kids.

Beer for the Adults.

Special Guest Racers such as Paul Plummer, Justin Bender & Kayla Yaakov

Keep up with the latest news with a visit to Jam-On Productions Motorcycle SwapMeet & Shows


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