It's cool when they say ol skool cause we been doing it this way the whole time


Special guests and children entertainment

Josh from Moonshiners & Huffy the biker clown hanging out and telling some amusing stories.


Cold Beer, Good Music, Great times!!

All of our events we will only be serving one beer brand.

stunt shows

Stunt Shows

Wheelie King from Xtreme Fury Stunterz performing his "Brake the Mother F#&king Tail Light" trick on his Harley-Davidson.

Bike Shows at All Events

We have bike shows for all classes at our shows

In fact we were the FIRST EVER to give the carpet and drapes for motorcycles in Baltimore starting in the late 70's after noticing all the car shows were fancy ...why cant motorcycles be ?

We hold the record attendance for ANY show held at the Baltimore Convention Center.  Sadly someone with deep pockets was able to steal this show (no names)

This is a photo for one of those earlier shows.


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